As a legendary activist and one of the most vocal pioneers for alternative fuels, Willie Nelson has lead the way in using biodiesel not only for concert touring, but in everyday life. His “BioWillie” branded biodiesel put the stuff on the map, and today fueling with biodiesel is standard practice for any tour wanting to travel green.

Willie is also an honorary board member of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance (co-founded by his wife, Annie), which addresses issues concerning the sustainability of the U.S. biodiesel industry through certification, education, and by providing biodiesel consumers and suppliers with valuable online membership tools.

Among many other causes, Willie is also an avid supporter of family farmers, and in the mid-eighty’s organized the massively successful benefit concert series Farm Aid. To date, over $30 million has been raised to promote organic and humanely-raised local food and to help keep family farmers on their land.