A far cry from their early days on the “Earth Eater,” (the former nickname of their tour bus) Guster has become one of the music industry’s greenest bands, powering all of their concerts with wind power since 2005, riding in biodiesel-powered buses, and encouraging venues and fans to reduce energy use, water use, and waste. As a repeat headlining act for Reverb’s Campus Consciousness Tour, Guster has further delivered their environmental message in a fun and engaging manner to college students across the country. To date, they have offset 126,400 pounds of CO2, hosted 294 non-profit groups in Reverb's Eco-Villages, and have fueled their buses with 21,237 gallons of biodiesel.

An outspoken and self-described “enthusiast for all things green, guitarist/vocalist Adam Gardner has made several public speaking appearances, including testifying to Congress and addressing 10,000 student leaders at Powershift 2009.

In 2004, Gardner and his wife Lauren Sullivan founded and and now co-direct the environmental non-profit Reverb. In addition to creating the Green Music Group, Reverb has worked to green over 80 major music tours and 1,300 events, hosted 1,700 non-profit organizations in their Eco-Villages, reduced over 67,000 tons of CO2, and has reached over 10 million music fans to date.

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