The unparalleled popularity of Dave Matthews Band has translated into some great philanthropic successes; since 1999 the band has donated more than $8.5 million to charities via their Bama Works Fund, which supports projects that address environmental protection, disadvantaged youth, the needs of the disabled, and the arts and humanities. The Bama Green Project is the environmental arm of their philanthropic work, and is an on-going collaboration between the band and the environmental non-profit organization Reverb to green their tours and reach out to their millions of fans to encourage widespread change.

While on tour, DMB participates in an ever-expanding greening program by eating locally, reducing waste, running on biodiesel (over 439,693 gallons fueled to date), and hosting over 1,700 environmental groups across the country in the Bama Green Eco-Village to spread awareness to their fanbase. They've had the help of nearly 2,500 volunteers in collecting fan carbon offset donations, and more than 400,000 fans have participated in their carpooling program. When the band is off the road, the Eco-Village hits ski areas on the annual IZSTYLE Winter Tour, created by bassist Stefan Lessard. Additionally, Dave Matthews is an official supporter of The Wilderness Society, which is dedicated to preserving America’s wilderness through action and public education.

The band has also retroactively neutralized the carbon footprint of their entire touring career, offsetting a total of 101,320 tons of CO2.

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