Waste Reduction


Make recycling an easy choice by placing dedicated recycling bins next to every trash can backstage, throughout a venue, or in your offices and studios.

  • Resourceful | ClearStream bins are inexpensive, portable, and easily set up.
  • Earth911 | Search by zip code for recycling centers across the country.
  • Waste Management | Participate in a large scale regular recycling program with WM.


Set up your own composting system and request venues do the same. Look for a composting facility or talk to local farms about a pick up.

Ditch Disposables

If reusable plates and silverware aren't an option, look for these eco-friendly disposable versions.

  • EcoProducts | One-stop source for biodegradable dish and silverware.
  • Branch | Find reusable dishware made from bamboo, as well as biodegradable options.

Drink Smart

Pick up a reusable water bottle to cut down on waste.

  • Kleen Kanteen | Their bottles are made from toxin-free materials, with large-mouth openings and rounded corners and threads that are easy to clean.
  • Green Bottle | This 1% For the Planet member offers dozens of bottle and cap combinations.

Recharge and Reuse

Check out rechargeable batteries for seriously cut down on waste and expenses. Not an option? Make sure you properly recycle your single-use batteries.

  • Green Batteries | Source for rechargeable batteries and accessories.
  • The Big Green Box | This simple program includes an approved transportation container, pre-paid shipping to the BGB recycling facility, and all battery recycling fees.
  • Earth911 | Search by zip code to find recycling centers near you that accept single-use batteries.