Carbon Footprint


Learn more about simple ways to reduce your energy use and minimize your carbon footprint.

  • Energy-Saving Tips | Before offsetting, check out these tips to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • EarthLab | Tips from EarthLab and the community for simple, easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint.


Electricity use from venues, hotels, fan travel, and more all contribute to your carbon footprint. Calculate the footprint associated with your home, event, tour, or travel.

  • Event Calculator | Calculate the carbon emissions created by events large and small.
  • Travel Calculator | Calculate the carbon emissions created from travel via car, plane, train, and more.
  • EarthLab | Get your personal carbon footprint score, then take action by creating your own Earth conservation plan. Keep track of your habits over time to reduce your score!


After reducing and calculating your carbon, offset what's left! Not all offsets are created equal; check out some of our recommendations.

  • NativeEnergy | Supports the construction of Native American, family farm, and community-based renewable energy projects.
  • CantorCO2e | A sophisticated emissions brokerage firm with over 60 years of experience.